Parts and Lubricants

Genuine parts save money over the life of your vehicle, give an extra life to the vehicle. Unfortunately, fake auto parts have become serious problem in recent years. These fake auto parts affect the performance of vehicle and its overall life as well. So if somebody wants to sell you what appear to be genuine parts that are well below market price, beware! they could be imitations. When you get parts from our authorized dealers you can always be sure you are getting high quality ascertained by the Sinotruk.

By encouraging you to use the genuine parts we are actually giving a favor to our selves, by increasing the life of vehicle.


Vehicle Maintenance:

What is Periodic Maintenance?

Periodic Maintenance is described as performing service / replacement and inspection / testing of a vehicle at specified intervals according to the maintenance schedule in owner’s manual. The service interval for scheduled maintenance is determined by odometer reading or time interval, whichever comes first, shown in the schedule.

Why is Periodic Maintenance necessary for your vehicle?

Proper maintenance will help ensure maximum performance, greater reliability and longer life of your Sinotruk vehicle. To maintain your vehicle in top working condition, it is important to have it inspected and serviced periodically in accordance with the maintenance services listed in your Owner’s Manual.

Body and Paint Services

If your vehicle has experienced a collision, come and avail our Body and Paint services to make your vehicle just like new.

With Sinotruk Body and Paint services availed, you can be assured of getting your vehicle repaired quickly. Your vehicle is repaired on latest equipment to ensure quality repair work; use of premium genuine parts is also ensured. Our state of the art Body and Paint facility for precise color matching guarantees to make your vehicle sparkle and look like new. You will be rewarded by trusting us when you give your vehicle in good hands.

  1. Recommended schedule for periodic maintenance of your vehicle.

Click here to view Schedule of Periodic Maintenance

  1. Where to go for Periodic Maintenance?

* You can have the periodic maintenance of your vehicle performed at any of our authorized dealerships.

Click here to view list of authorized dealers

  1. What will happen if the vehicle is not properly maintained?

* It could result in serious damage to the vehicle and serious injury to your health.

Fast Maintenance

We always understand and value the time of our customers. Therefore, we have introduced a special program, Fast Maintenance, at our selected dealerships. Get your vehicle serviced in minimum time without any compromise on the service quality.

All you have to do is:

Make an appointment and leave your vehicle at any of our Fast Maintenance dealerships; and collect your vehicle in the scheduled time.

Warranty Support

We are proud of our total commitment to quality, design, workmanship and customer satisfaction. Every Sinotruk dealership in Pakistan has the tools, equipment and training needed to service and repair your vehicle.


In the event a problem arises, please be prepared with the following information:

  • An accurate description of the problem including the conditions under which it occurs
  • Vehicle model and year
  • Selling and servicing dealer
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Date of purchase
  • Present mileage
  • Service history of your vehicle

For the fastest possible response, we suggest you approach your nearest Sinotruk dealership.

This is the most direct way to resolve your problems. Every Sinotruk dealer in Pakistan is ultimately responsible and adequately equipped for providing the service and repairs you may need.