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SINOTRUK stepped into Pakistan market in 2013 by joining hands with a local partner, Dysin Automobiles Limited (DAL). DAL entered into Distribution and Technology License agreements with China National Heavy Duty Trucks Group through its subsidiary Sinotruk Import & Export Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of CNHTC, to exclusively import, assemble and market Sinotruk in Pakistan.
From 2014 to mid 2016, the Company imported CBU units and sold in local market. The products received positive feedback from the transporters community and the Company received repeat orders despite the somewhat inferior perception of Chinese auto-products in Pakistani market. To expand further, in July 2016, the Company signed contract assembly agreement with Adam Motor Company Limited to be able to utilize their facility situated in Bin Qasim Karachi for assembly of SKD units locally. The Company can utilize this facility for three years till July 2019.
After the introduction of Auto Policy in 2016 and DAL performance since its incorporation, DAL has decided to establish CKD manufacturing facility to harvest the Government incentives and growth opportunity in the market. The Company’s product technology, quality, performance and existing set up along with strong partnership with SINOTRUK has the potential of fulfilling the future market needs. DAL enjoys nation-wide presence with headquarters in Lahore and having 3 regional offices, 4 area offices, and sales team of more than 20 covering whole the territory; supported by 7 well established 3S dealers and more than 50 1S/2S dealers across entire route from Karachi to Gilgit Baltistan.
Dysin Automobiles Limited was incorporated as a Public Limited Company in June 2013. The Company is a part of Dynamic Group of companies; the group is engaged in sales and services of industrial solutions to a diversified clientele.